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Welcome back, Karim Benzema!

After five and a half years of being exiled from the French national team, Karim Benzema is back after coach Didier Deschamps handed him a shock recall. I’m not willing to go into details surrounding Benzema’s absence from Les Bleus for you can find all of that on the internet, but him being back is interesting. Over the years, he has been petty by poking fun of Olivier Giroud causing football fans to take sides, and this childish behavior did not sit well with me.

And some of us have been questioning Benzema’s return:ย Was this actually necessary?ย seeing that we were fine without him all along.ย Will he cause chaos in the dressing room?ย Many Les Bleus fans have ugly, scarred memories of pitch and behind-the-scenes bust-ups. However, I’m a fan of second chances, so I’m giving Mr. F1 the benefit of the doubt.

All there is left to say is welcome back, Benzema. Take this second chance and run with it.

Giroud se confie sur ยซl'histoire du karting et de la F1ยป de Benzema | CNEWS

In other football news, I’m thinking of covering the Euro 2020 competition as I did the World Cup in 2018, but I’m not certain how that would fit into my busyish schedule. If I do cover the Euro, it’ll mostly be Les Bleus’ games, but that remains to be seen.

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