Thoughts in a Cup โ˜•

Small goals for 2021.

As the French say: C’est la vie!

I don’t make resolutions of any sort, but I’ve written down a few goals I’ll like to accomplish in 2021.

Draw closer to Christ

There are times in my walk with Christ that I feel as if I’m not doing enough as a Christian. There are still little kinks that I need to work out where my attitude is concerned, and I’ve taken the matter to God. Yet, closer, closer, the closest I could be at the feet of my Lord is where I long to be.

Return to writing

*Sighs* I haven’t written short stories or full-length ones for that matter in a long time. I have a lot of ideas backed up that I’ll like to see completed, so I’ll try my best to oil those gears soon, and share a story or two.ย 

Be more creative

I love creating things! Lock me in a room with a laptop for a day or two, and I’ll emerge with… well, banners like what you see above or the sign-off signature at the bottom. I want to be more creative with my hands, so I’m looking to do more DIY stuff.ย 

Read better books

This is definitely going to be a challenge. I’ve discovered, whether outdated or modern, books do not live up to the standard that I hold them to. And most of these books – classic to modern – seem to enjoy mocking Christ. There are Christians that may say they’re not offended, but true Christians know not to mix matters when it comes to mocking our Lord and Savior.ย 

Draw better

I’ve taken up drawing once again. Although I’m no expert, I’m excited to be relearning to draw since I’ve been out of touch with this practice. So far, I’ve been loving it, but I’ve stopped for a while… yet, again. I hope to share some of my amateur creations with you soon.

Make memories

It doesn’t matter where I’ll be or who I’m with, I’m determined to create wonderful memories!

When I next post, it’ll be 2021. We’ve made it through 2020 because of God, despite the circumstances. Let us keep looking towards His guidance as 2021 approaches.

All the best for 2021!

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